Dinmael Lodge, North Wales.

Project Name Dinmael Lodge, North Wales.
Project Value £250,000.
Project Status Complete

We were approached to produce proposals to convert Dinmael Primary School in North Wales into a Luxury family home. The school had been closed for a period of time and was in need of a major restoration which required a creative vision to seek the structures potential to give its new lease of life as Dinmael Lodge.

The schools key space was the original school hall that had previously been divided to form two classrooms. The removal of the partition allowed for the hall to take back its original form to become a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and living area with vaulted ceilings that expose the original timber trusses.

We proposed that historic items were to become unique features amongst the exposed internal stone walls, including the original school bell and chalk board which were both over a century old, now highlighted by wall lights. Additional luxury spaces were proposed including a first class home cinema, with a mezzanine level housing fold-down cinema seats, and the space being lit by an atmospheric LED star-light ceiling.

Alongside an application for Change of Use, Full Planning Permission was required due to the external additional and alterations. These included a new build double garage to the rear, the breakthrough of a window to become a double door to a new vast patio, as well re-rendering, re-roofing and external works. The external works utilised a natural spring that ran through the site by becoming a water feature.

Additional Info

Purchase price £80,000
Cost of works £200,000
Re-sale value £500,000
Profit £230,000

Click to view the 360˚ models

Click to view the 360˚ models